Inovatif Blog driver Titleist 983k Driver Illegal

Titleist 983k Driver Illegal


These drivers are packed with the best technologies to increase distance and high rebound speed off the driver face. When they are useing the new technalogy and upgradeing once every 2 years.


Please email any questions and check out my other japan spec clubs.thanks!


Titleist 983k driver illegal. It is updated every monday morning. So a friend of my cousin is selling a titleist 983k driver in good condion. The list of conforming driver heads identifies the models and lofts of all driver heads that have been submitted for evaluation to either the r&a or the united states golf association and have been determined to conform to the rules of golf.

The non conforming drivers have a more powerful face to compress and launch the ball. The original 983k was a distance beast !this one takes it up a notch or three ! Solid driver which served me well for three years!

Also if yours is 6.5 degrees like the pics then it's time you changed it anyway!!! I would probably still be using it today, if it weren't for the fact that i cracked the face. Shipping via japan post ems express& insured returns are accepted only if wrong item was shipped.

This by far the best driver out of the titleist factory. I have been playing the same driver for the past 7 years and it out porforms what the guys i play witht have. Hi cor drivers gives golfers the maximum distance, but they are illegal for golf professionals to play on the pga tour.

The center of gravity is deeper to produce a slightly higher initial launch with moderate spin. 983k a bit easier to hit. In a purely social game then there's no.

The titleist 983k driver is for players that need increased forgiveness off the tee and help eliminating a high right miss. Personally, i don't like either of them as much as my lovely 983e which i've had for a while and will take to the grave. Had the 975d and 983k for quite a while at times.

So ive only been playing for about 6 months andthat first month i bought me just a standard beginners club set (top flite xl). I almost prefer it the the 905r. I would suggest the titleist 983k hcr.

Please sign in to comment. For me the 983k is one of the best drivers from titleist and as far as i know, it would be cheaper if you just get a used one from ebay, then you can just switch shafts to keep your current setting, i have seen this drivers as cheap as 15 usd online. The club is in good condition with signs of wear on the sole and face.

September 09, 2016 at 01:49 pm. This driver is in very nice well cared for condition. The larger head size compared to the 983e, produces a moderate launch angle and higher moment of inertia for playability.

So my question is i just wanna know if it would be better to play an older titleist driver tha. The 983k is slightly larger than previous titleist drivers at 365 cc and has a higher moment of inertia to increase forgiveness. Titleist 983e with the speeder.

I know that memories are often better than actuality, but i got possession of 2 10.5* tour 983k's, that i can't wait to hit tomorrow. Interesting that gd have recently reintroduced that shaft as it was heralded as a minor classic. These non conforming drivers are now illegal for pga sancitoned events, but are great for everyday golf with your buddies.

If you have a swing speed over 110 miles, don't even consider the 983k, this is the best driver for you, and believe me, i've tried them all. The 983k driver features a 365cc full pear profile. It was purchased directly from japan and is a japanese spec non conforming driver.

I can hit the 983k further then guys twice my size and hit the fareway with it. The 983k works for me.

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